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That’s a kind of homepage

It offers detailed information about all sorts of things

One can even try out things

Democracy is actually happening. Where? On the net!

Originally the word democracy comes from Greek. It means that we, the people, are the decision makers.

Simply democracy!


The Demokratiewebstatt is the website oft he Austrian Parliament for young people aged 8 to 14.

Anything of interest and worth knowing about is presented and explained here in a way suitable for the respective age-group.

Young people are geared to a positive general attitude towards politics and parliament. Additionally, it’s an incentive to get actively involved in the decision making process.

The Demokratiewebstatt is particularly popular with teachers as an additional means to spark their lessons.







It’s extremely important that everybody gets an equal chance to express his/her opinion.


Each of the individual topics deals with an interesting issue relating to democracy.

Each topic provides informative interviews by experts as well as interactive elements.

Lesson materials and e-books on each subject matter are provided to make sure that the use of the Demokratiewebstatt in school is most effective

A very wide range of topics is constantly being extended.



a „wanted poster“

of what politicians

looked like as children


The House is introduced in the part “Parliament”.

It provides information on guided tours oft the Houses of Parliament, a virtual tour of the building as well as a chance to find out about the members of each chamber, the MPs, in the Upper House and the Lower House.

Chats with the MPs, that take place at regular intervals, are regarded as particular highlights.

In this case pupils and their classmates can take part in chat room sessions with members of the various political parties.


topics on knowledge



glancing through

looking up

clicking on


For those who can’t get enough of it we offer the category„knowledge“.

It gives information on democratic and parliamentary procedures.

Kids and youngsters can find out everything about elections, democracy and law-making.

The contents are presented in a way appropriate for each age group.

Both, a concise encyclopaedia with many explanations and a number of link-references prove to be very useful tools.


you can play games on the web site

the law-generator

e.g. the letter-shoot

where you can create your own laws


In the part „play along” the children’s attention is caught by an imaginative mixture of informative and instructive games.

The „law-generator“enables players to create their own laws in a step-by-step process.

The law making process, which is a rather complex affair in itself, is presented in a way that encourages visitors to get actively involved.

The entire offer is supplemented by quizzes on the various topics, colouring pictures and a compilation of informative animated films.


so many topics



cool, somehow

good fun

I think it’s a great web site


The DemokratieWERKstatt offers democracy in a hands-on way.

The Palais Epstein is venue for six different workshops. It offers kids and youngsters who love to join in, who are interested in democracy and media work a wide range of opportunities to create their own newspaper-and radio reports as well as film cuttings.

More details on dates and enrolment can be found on the web site and through our newsletter.

A substantial range of materials like work sheets, power point transparencies and e-books for use in classroom are available for adults.

The Democartiewebstatt can be found under and on facebook under

We look forward to your visit!


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